mercredi 20 août 2014

La police devient force de répression ?

Surprenante observation de The Economist. De Ferguson en Ukraine, en passant par l'Iraq et Gaza, la police semble se comporter de la même façon. Elle deviendrait une "police coloniale".
The difference between these two kinds of policing, Mr Bershidsky writes, can be modeled as the division between the London Metropolitan Police Force established in 1829, which conceived itself as fighting crime in concert with the populace, and the repressive colonial police forces the British Empire employed in "colonies of rule" such as Ireland and India, who conceived of themselves as keeping potentially hostile local populations in line. He cites the argument of Emma Bell, a faculty member at France's Universite de Savoie, that the colonial policing culture is now "coming home", as local police forces come to see themselves as hostile to the populations they police.
Mission de la police : de la lutte contre le crime à la lutte contre le peuple ? Une partie de la population en guerre contre une autre ?...

Ferguson Day 6, Picture 44.png

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