jeudi 19 mai 2016

Peur de la société

L'Occidental aurait un type de phobie qui lui serait propre : la peur de la société. C'est le mal d'une société d'individualistes. (Article.)

Comment s'en guérir ? Même recette que pour les phobies : il faut affronter sa peur, et se demander ce que cela donnerait de faire ce dont on a peur, et comment se sortir sans trop de dommages de situations désagréables.
We say, you’re going to go in there now, and say the following: “Hi, I like your face. Would you like to go out with me? Would you like to give me your number?” And she would obviously say, “No, go away, you freak,” or something, and that would be desirable. That would be perfect. Or other examples might be, inconveniencing people, so let’s say go to a coffee shop and you spill your coffee and you say, “I'd like to have a new one.” Or you go to a book store and ask for a book on the joy of sex. You do something that is over the top that nobody likes to do, that violates their personal social norms and engages them in re-evaluating their maladaptive beliefs. And it’s very effective. It’s very successful. People speak to this treatment, they love it.

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