lundi 30 mai 2016

Vivre en ville rend fou

On commence à soupçonner que la vie en ville déréglerait l'homme :
“This [study] adds to our own experimental evidence that strongly leads us to suspect that being in the city does something to a specific circuit in the brain that impairs your ability to deal with social stress,” says Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, director of University of Heidelberg’s Central Institute for Mental Health in Germany. Meyer-Lindenberg’s group previously found that people who were living in or grew up in cities showed stronger activation in the amygdala and cingulate cortex (brain areas involved in processing and regulating emotion), respectively, compared with those from rural areas. More recently, they discovered that migration, another well-established risk factor for schizophrenia, led to similar alterations in brain function. (Article de SA)
Une institutrice m'a expliqué qu'à Paris les parents étaient survoltés et les enfants déboussolés. En province, vie paisible et gamins bien dans leur peau.

(Bonne nouvelle, demain l'humanité sera urbaine.)

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