vendredi 19 juin 2015

MM.Macron et Sarkozy : même combat ?

Ryan Heath de Politico, s'étonne que M.Sarkozy s'oppose à M.Macron :
SARPOCRISY 1: As members of Les Républicains stormed out of the French Parliament in reaction to the government’s decision to use the a constitutional decree to push ahead with the “Macron Law” on liberalization of French economy, some in the party, including Nicolas Sarkozy himself, seem to have been hit by a peculiar case of amnesia. Or is it “Sarpocrisy”? The former French president was in 2007 quoted saying: “We must take down the barriers that exist in some regulated professions and furthermore, we need to put an end to benefits resulting from unfair market positions.” Which is what the Macron law was about… See more at h/t Antoine Sander.
SARPOCRISY 2: It was the same Sarkozy who in 2007 commissioned a report on the “liberation of French growth,” led by Jacques Attali. The rapporteur for the work was no other than… Emmanuel Macron himself! The new law project borrows heavily from the 2007 report — of which Sarkozy said he supported 313 of the 316 propositions, such as more Sunday trading. Now that the law has Macron’s rather than Sarkozy’s name on it, the tune has changed.
Je ne savais pas que M.Macron avait été rapporteur de la Commission Attali. Ce qui confirme ce que j'ai vu en étudiant les changements de ces dernières décennies : de gauche ou de droite, ils partent des mêmes idées. Pensée unique. Pour le reste, tout est une question d'habileté politicienne ? Y compris le choix d'un camp ? 

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