mercredi 13 mai 2015

Dirigeant : attention, fragile ?

Harvard Business Review m'envoie une pub pour ses articles du mois :
  • What the Dalai Lama Taught Daniel Goleman About Emotional Intelligence. By Andrea Ovans. We can all get better at cultivating compassion. 
  • Why Compassion Is a Better Managerial Tactic than Toughness. by Emma Seppälä. How to respond when an employee messes up. 
  • Make It OK for Employees to Challenge Your Ideas by Hal Gregersen Advice for avoiding isolation at the top. 
  • What to Do If Your Team Is Letting You Down by Anne Grady. If your team isn’t living up to your expectations, maybe you haven’t made them clear. 
  • A Story from Google Shows You Don’t Need Power to Drive Strategy by Aaron K. Olson and Keith Simerson. Five things you need instead.
Le dirigeant fragile ? Nouvelle mode de management ? Après le patron créateur de valeur, shooté à la testostérone et au bonus, génération Hollande ?

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