samedi 25 octobre 2008

Toutes les crises se ressemblent

En cherchant une référence, je tombe sur la citation suivante :
The market will not go on a speculative rampage without some rationalization. But during any future boom some newly rediscovered virtuosity of the free enterprise system will be cited. It will be pointed out that people are justified in paying the present prices - indeed, almost any prices - to have an equity position in the system. Among the first to accept these rationalisations will be some of those responsible for invoking the controls. They will say firmly that controls are not needed. The newspapers, some of them, will agree and speak harshly of those who think action might be in order. They will be called men of little faith.
GALBRAITH, John Kenneth, The Great Crash 1929, Mariner Books, 1997. (Première édition : 1954.)

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