vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Les Anglais et l’Europe

Is any Briton suitable for Europe's top job? dit :

Here are the reasons Mr Goebbels gives for excluding Mr Blair from the presidency of the European Union. In a written declaration open for signature by MEPs, he suggests that the European Parliament : “Demands that the European Council nominate as its permanent president a person with whom the peoples of Europe can identify. Holds that such a figure must have proved their ability to advance the European Union towards an "ever closer union of the peoples of Europe". Is convinced that this person
  • can only come from a Member State that has adopted or is determined to adopt the single European currency
  • must come from a Member State that is a member, or wishes to be a member of the Schengen area establishing the free movement of citizens
  • must come from a Member State which does not reject the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union on its territory.”

Tentative de définition de ce que c’est que d’appartenir à l’Union Européenne, et peut-être pas uniquement de présenter ce qui est attendu de son président ? Si c’est le cas, elle n’exclut pas seulement les Anglais de sa présidence, mais de l’Union.

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