mercredi 10 septembre 2008

Sarah Palin et The Economist

Un commentaire fait à un article de The Economist (qui s’est perdu dans une masse d’autres !)
I am asking myself a few questions:
The economist said last week that McCain looked like Bush 3. Worse: he contradicted himself. But is there a correlation between what a candidate says and what he does when elected? Don’t you think he is just trying to get elected? And that contradicting oneself is the name of the game?
You seem appalled by Sarah Palin (cf. also Democracy in America’s comments on her first speech). But don’t you think she just puts off intellectuals?
What about ordinary American people? I don’t know how they are affected by the current recession. But it may be tough. And there is worse. A lot of things seem wrong in America: its elite? Financial crooks?; President Bush; Irak… Are America’s core values wrong? Everything ordinary people believe in seems to crumble. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Both candidates speak of change. But don’t you think that before being willing to tackle any change, you need some kind of belief in yourself? I am wondering whether this is not what Sarah Palin is bringing to the USA. I am also wondering whether this is not what Ronald Reagan has brought to this country.
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